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NO Tax Rate Increase for Kingwood Residents Announced

Kingwood Holds Tax Rate Flat for 2022

The Kingwood municipal tax rate was kept to a 0% increase for 2022.

Deputy Mayor Tom Ciacciarelli introduced not increasing the tax rate for 2022 at the April 7th Township Committee Meeting.

Mayor Maureen Syrnick and Committeeman Andy Russano agreed that the taxpayers of Kingwood needed this relief.

Deputy Mayor Ciacciarelli stated; "the past 2 years of the pandemic and the present rate of inflation of 7.9% has the family’s under considerable financial hardship".

He continued, "The Kingwood Township Committee wanted to do its part to ease some of the inflationary financial pain in the community."


Kingwood Enters Into Shared Service Agreement With Raritan Township

The Kingwood construction department is being completely revamped by entering into a shared service agreement with Raritan Township to take on Kingwood’s construction permitting and inspections.

This will greatly increase customer service and more efficient communication with residents and the construction department.


Kingwood Community Day to Resume!

Community Day is still going full steam ahead and looks like it will be scheduled in September. The Township Committee has budgeted for fireworks for the event. Stay tuned for more details as the year progresses.


In Case You Missed It

Last month I formally announced that I will be seeking re-election to the Kingwood Township Committee this year. Kingwood has and will continue to be a coveted location to live and raise a family.

With your help, we will continue that tradition, by updating our communication methods to residents as well as improving the infrastructure of Kingwood roads that are now passable but still need much more work after being devastated by Hurricane Ida. The use of FEMA and other grant monies will be sought and utilized for this purpose. As in years past, I pledge to continue to fight against the State DOT rockfall mitigation project on Route 29 with our county partners. This project represents not only an environmental disaster but a colossal waste of taxpayer money. I look forward to working with you to continue to promote Kingwood’s rich and storied history, as we look to the future to build a community for generations to come.


Kingwood Easter Egg Hunt is a Huge Success!

On Saturday, April 16th I was joined by Mayor Syrnick and over 50 members of our wonderful community, for Kingwood Township's annual Easter Egg Hunt. I want to express my sincere thanks to the Kingwood Township Parks and Recreation Committee for all of their hard work and dedication to such a successful and enjoyable event!


Paid for Ciacciarelli for Township Committee

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