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Meet Roger Locandro, your new State Senator in Legislative District 15. 
Capable, Competent, Experienced!
  •  Our current State Senator has been in office over 30 years. Career politicians are bartering away our state’s futures. Debt is a tax on our children’s future, inflation is a tax on our savings, and adding more regulations to misguided regulations cripples growth. New Jersey cannot tax it way into prosperity.
  • BS Agricultural and Applied Economics, postgraduate studies in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Master’s Degree Public Administration. (MPA) Pi Alpha.
  • State Certifications from New Jersey Department of Community Affairs: Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC), Certified Public Works Manager (CPWM), Qualified Purchasing Agent (QPA), Affordable Housing Professional (AHP), New Jersey Master HVACR, International Ground Source Heat Association (IGSPA), Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • Public Service: Currently Raritan Valley Community College Board of Trustees: Vice Chair and Finance Chair. Two terms as Delaware Township Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Township Committee, Police Commissioner, and DPW Commissioner.
  • Commissions and Boards:  Environmental, Shade Tree, Planning, Delaware Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Rosemont Water Company.
  • Interested in Fair Education:  Good teachers need tools, students need structure, and workforces need development. These processes need to evolve, and economic efficiencies must be applied.   
  • Affordable Housing: Limitations make it economically unattainable. Housing also needs to be area specific and functional for the current demand. Transportation and work opportunities need to be available.
  • Constitutional Advocate: Personal property and freedoms “shall not be infringed.”
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